G21 Kids Smart Watch

More Accurate GPS Service

GPS positioning more accurate than the LBS base station. GPS can be accurate to within 50 merters, And the error of the LBS can reach 1000 meters

The Protection of more features more intimate

Touch Operators

Easy To Operate

Two way-conversation

Mobile phone and watchs can call each other

Electronic Fence

Parents can set up multiple in the APP, if the child out of the area of set the APP will trigger the alarm prompt.

One Key for help

When a child is in danger, a key issue foe help, watch ake turns to make a phone call, to set the family number until it is called, make the child get the timely help.

The Family Group chat

Some Multiple mobile phone and smart watch family group chat mode.

Class disable

Parents Call APP Setting class time banned, effectively prevent the children to play in class watch

White List

Parents Call APP Setting family number to call the stranger telephone dozen don't come in, to preventthe body harasment