M.2 2242

42 mm(L) x 22 mm(W) x 1.5 mm(H)

Mxpert M.2 2242 delivers all the advantages of flash disk technology with the Serial ATA I/II interface and can be mounted directly to the host. M.2 2242 is a small form factor with the advantages of high density, fast read/write performance and low power consumption. Moreover, the small size of the SATA Flash Module makes it an ideal SSD solution for space-restricted devices and an alternative to the 2.5-inch SSDs.

  • 4GB ~ 512GB
M.2 2242 Model No E8
Dimension(s) 42 mm(L) x 22 mm(W) x 1.5 mm(H)
SATA Interface PCIe Gen I/II/III
Programmable RAM V
NCQ/TRIM Support V
ECC Engine Strong ECC
Flash Support 2D TLC/3D TLC
Read/Write Performance 1600/1100 MB/s
Flash Numbers 2 BGA flash
Max. Capacity Up to 512GB
Additional Features End-to-End DPP AES Support Smart ECC/L1.2* need FW support
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